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SPS Biosecurity is a Ministry for Primary Industries Biosecurity partner and approved to deliver Accredited Training.

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SPS Biosecurity is one of New Zealand’s leading providers of biosecurity services and highly experienced in biosecurity systems for imports and exports, across all sectors. Operating nationwide our team has years of in-depth knowledge that can be applied to your business. Our business is built on experience, operational excellence and passion.

SPS Biosecurity understands the balance required to operate a profitable business and deliver on the social contract that is the New Zealand Biosecurity System. Established in 2007, SPS Biosecurity provides practical operational advice, 24-hour support and quality service that will help you meet these outcomes.


In order for New Zealand businesses to receive, inspect and unpack imported sea containers, importers must operate a Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) - Approved Transitional Facility.

MPI require all Transitional Facilities to have trained and certified personnel who can manage or undertake biosecurity functions. SPS Biosecurity is a Biosecurity Partner with the Ministry for Primary Industries and we provide the most experienced trainers in the industry for:


Accredited Person (AP) Training | Half day course


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If your company imports sea or air containers, MPI requires you to have an Accredited Person (AP) available when containers are opened and unpacked. APs play a vital role in keeping New Zealand free of pests by knowing how to deal with biosecurity issues should and when they arise. Having your own accredited staff will help avoid delays or additional charges when clearing goods.

There are two types of Training delivery options for the AP this will depend on the type of freight your company receives. If your company receives mainly Sea Freight your AP will need to attend the SEA & Air Container Training. If your company receives mainly Air Freight, then your AP should attend the AIR & Sea Container Training.

SPS Biosecurity provides approved training, refresher training and backup support for your staff. Our half-day training format is dynamic and interactive.

The person who attends this course must have a basic understanding of both written and spoken English. Also, for them to apply to MPI for approval as an AP they must have a current working visa if they are not a New Zealand citizen or resident.


Transitional Facility Operator (TF-Operator) Training | Full Day Course


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All transitional facilities approved by MPI must have a trained Transitional Facility Operator (TF-Operator) and in some cases a deputy TF-Operator, who are responsible for managing biosecurity at their business.

Our comprehensive full-day training course covers the roles and responsibilities expected of the TF-Operator and an understanding of biosecurity legislation. We also provide practical assistance in completing biosecurity operating procedures and ongoing support after you have completed the course.



New rules effective from December 2016 cover the revised MPI standard for transitional facilities handling un-cleared risk goods (TF-Gen).

MPI need the assurance that transitional facilities are meeting the high biosecurity standards expected of them. More than ever before the roles and responsibilities of your Transitional Facility Operator (TFO) are crucial in maintaining your MPI Transitional Facility Approval and therefore the flow of imported goods through your facility.

SPS Biosecurity has New Zealand’s most experienced team providing Biosecurity Services to the Import Freight industry with 100’s of satisfied clients. Keith Budd and Jessica Wallace are leading experts in Transitional Facility compliance biosecurity and will be able to provide effective and practical support in this area of your business.
With our help, your facility will comply with MPI Biosecurity requirements and avoid increased auditing, potential loss of your operating approval and the associated costs. 

We offer:

  • MPI required Biosecurity Training
  • A facility assessment (Audit)
  • Submission of the assessment documentation to MPI at the scheduled interval
  • Review of your operating manual



Approved Transitional Facility Operating Manual

An Approved Transitional Facility (ATF) is required to review and update their manual annually. We can maintain an electronic record of your manual, ensuring that it is updated on time and complies with the latest requirements from MPI..



Transitional Facility Internal Audit

This includes a manual review, a physical site assessment and a review of your documentation management. You will receive a written report with conditions and recommendations in order to maintain compliance. Note: An internal assessment is a Transitional Facility requirement and this will meet your MPI requirements.



spot Compliance Check

Maintaining compliance is important to a Transitional Facility Approval, we can support you by conducting regular compliance checks.




Advice &

Getting it right is important, we can guide you with these
requirements when setting up a new Transitional Facility, moving
a Facility or changing the Operator.



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Tool Box

Equipment for Accredited Person/s to undertake checks on an Imported Sea Container for unwanted pests and diseases.

*(Plus freight + packaging when couriered)



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Signs Large –
Fixed only (Size
600mm x 450mm)

A Transitional Facility must have signage visible to visitor/s clearly identifying the areas that are restricted to permitted persons only.

*(Plus freight + packaging when couriered)



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Signs Small –
Fixed only (Size
210mm x 310mm)

A Transitional Facility must have signage visible to visitor/s clearly identifying the areas that are restricted to permitted persons only.

*(Plus freight + packaging when couriered)



Labels Pack 

A Transitional Facility must have all biosecurity equipment clearly labelled.

*(Plus freight + packaging when couriered)



*Freight & Packaging Courier Costs: $18.00 (North Island) & $28.00 (South Island)

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Why would you do this?

  • The MTF gets set up in days, not weeks
  • Sea Container delivered to your business, without MPI approval or having to train staff
  • You get to unpack the sea container, making sure nothing gets damaged and saving on costs

How it works

  • SPS Biosecurity completes a site assessment to make sure the site has a suitable hardstand area and it meets the requirements.
  • An SPS Biosecurity Advisor (MPI Accredited Person) will be present at each sea container clearance to check the goods and the container on-site (booking made by appointment).
  • SPS Biosecurity takes care of all the reporting to MPI and makes sure requirements are met

Get in touch

If this sounds like a suitable option for your business, call 0800 BIOTA1 or
Contact: Jessica Wallace
P: 027 536 7540