Recent Work

Forest Stewardship Council ecological assessment

SPS Biosecurity ecologists are highly experienced in environmental auditing for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification for plantation forests and natural forest areas. Our ecologists have worked with a range of assessment and inspection agencies.

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Natural forest monitoring for the New Zealand forest industry

The monitoring of natural forest has become important for forests under environmental certification such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and ISO:14000. SPS Biosecurity has developed a proprietary condition monitoring system used to measure forest change over time, tree health and forest vitality. Currently there are over 300 permanent plots throughout New Zealand.

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Ecosystem restoration

RestoreNZ approaches restoration from an ecological perspective, taking account of local and regional features for each restoration or wildlife protection project.

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Cocoa Programme Samoa SPS Biosecurity

Cocoa Plantation Improvement Programme, Samoa

Senior consultant, Keith Budd, was selected to develop a rehabilitation programme for Samoan cocoa plantations on Savaii. This project involved an assessment of the Samoan cocoa value chain, establishment of a single-source cocoa market with a leading chocolate manufacturer, also an analysis of economic, social, and environmental benefits for the farmers.

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Introduced Termite management

New Zealand has three species of native termites which don't generally cause major issues to timber in use. Unfortunately there has also been a long introduction history of far more damaging termites to New Zealand which are thought to arrive in imported hardwood. Species including Australian subterranean termite, Australian wet wood termite and West Indian dry wood termite are currently under active eradication programmes in New Zealand.

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Dutch elm disease management - Auckland New Zealand

Dutch elm disease has a very limited distribution in New Zealand. Since the late 1980s a successful programme has kept the disease in check. SPS Biosecurity staff have been involved from the start and currently work with Auckland Council managing the surveillance and eradication of the disease.

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