Dutch Elm Disease Management - Biosecurity Rules

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Biosecurity rules relating to Dutch Elm Disease

Auckland Council

Te mau tonu o te patu kitakita urutā / sustained control of pest pathogens

  • No person shall distribute, move or release Dutch elm disease in Auckland.
  • No person shall move any untreated Dutch elm plant material within the Auckland region.
  • All occupiers of land in the Auckland region must destroy all elm plants on that land that have been identified as being infected with Dutch elm disease, when instructed by an authorised person.
  • Where Auckland Council has instructed an occupier of land to destroy Dutch elm plants under rule 3, the occupier must mulch the Dutch elm material and the Dutch elm material must not be moved further than 500m from the site of the parent tree for at least three months after mulching.
  • Any vehicle, machinery or other equipment used in connection with untreated Dutch elm plant material must be cleaned with any of the following or equivalent disinfectants, Sterigene, 5% bleach, or 80% ethanol or methylated spirits, prior to removal from the site.
  • No person shall store elm wood for firewood or any other purpose within the Auckland region.

A breach of these rules is an offence under s154N(19) of the Biosecurity Act.